Ok, so here’s the deal your online and you’re shopping, and you come across it. What is it? That cute dress or that one item that looks so good that you just have to have It!!!! But wait this is a new site you’ve never heard of or ordered from before and you did just hear about your girl’s horror story ordering from a new site.

Let’s see … she talked about the horrible customer service, no e-mail replies, no tracking number, no one on messenger replying to her messages, no one on Instagram in the DM’s replying to her questions and no one on the site in the chat box replying to her questions. To add insult to injury she received what she ordered so far down the line that she almost forgot about it but wait it gets better or worse?!? Why? Well what she ordered or saw online is nothing even close to what she got!

Now is it even worth it to try and return that piece of %$#! whatever it is she just got?!!?


Girl trust me I’ve been there done that and I thought there has to be a better way.

I know how it is you have rent and them bills to pay. Let’s not forget after that long day on the job your feet, head and soul are left hurting because you’ve been putting in work all day! Knowing that we want you to know we respect your efforts and really appreciate you visiting us!

As I said before there must be a better way when it comes to you and getting what you’ve worked for and deserve. So, we are going to work for you, that’s right we work for you!

We’ll always continue providing you with those cute quality items that compliment you. With your order you can expect the respect you deserve of being our customer. Girl that means you can expect to reach someone with your questions and best believe if we don’t have your answer right then and there, we’ll get it sooner rather than later.

So, thanks again for visiting! We’re standing by ready to serve and ship your order to you!

Psstttt! Remember, girrrrrllllll I have your back…

Sincerely, Hera